Monday, June 1, 2009

Wings of Desire w/ Dot Mitzvah

Angie Chambers photo

A burlesque life drawing homage to Wim Wender's 1987 movie Wings of Desire, with performer model Dot Mitzvah. Hosted by Headmistress Polly Sonic with emcee Mike Franzman. On 5/31/09 at Cafe 9.

Angie Chambers photo

Photos by Natalie Scarpelli:

Photos by Polly Sonic:

Photo by Marvin

Evening produced and designed by Polly Sonic, hosted by emcee Mike Franzman, technical direction and trapeze building by Karl Gasteyer, costuming by Dot Mitzvah and Polly Sonic, with help from crew: Angie Chambers, ElizaB, Tony Baloney, and Phil Matz. With special thanks to Paul and Laurie of Cafe 9.

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